Support new music

We've all heard stories about the culture-wide shift to streaming music, and the pennies per stream that most musicians make as a result. I love Spotify but I know from my quarterly reports that it's not helping me make a living anytime soon. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way for superfans to help the musicians they love by skipping the middlemen and giving their support directly?

That's where you + Patreon come in. Patreon allows you to show your support by subscribing to my patrons-only feed and get fresh new music as soon as it's written. It allows me to be able to focus that much more on the craft I've dedicated my life to, without having to fret quite so much about money. (no pun intended)

Hop on over to my Patreon page and see what it's about. There are a couple songs you can hear for free. There's a mini travel blog from one of my cross-country tours. It's an eclectic space for you to check out what I'm up to, and show the world that you believe in new original music, and you believe in me.

Thank you for being here and listening, I really couldn't be doing this without you. :)