Carley Baer's original blend of 'folk/pop with a ukulele twist' turns heads everywhere she goes.  Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, and currently based in Cambridge, MA, she entertains audiences on guitar, ukulele, and accordion, dazzling the masses with her crystal-clear voice, high-energy performance, and coyly confident stage demeanor.

In 2010 she released You Can't Control The Weather, her first full-length album, recorded in her adopted home of Portland, OR. A series of digitally-released bootlegged concerts and basement recordings followed, including My New Friend (2011), which introduced the ukulele as her trusty new sidekick; Catbird (2013), featuring rough cuts of tracks that fell by the wayside; Live At Local Roots (2014), a live album recorded at Portland’s Alberta Street Pub in support of Local Roots, a radio program devoted to artists of the Pacific Northwest; and Blink Of An Eye (2015), an all-acoustic album full of fan favorites.

She won the Grand Prize in the Nashville-based Paramount Song Christmas competition for her song, "Underneath The Mistletoe." She placed 3rd in the Wisconsin Singer/Songwriter Series competitions of 2012 and 2014, and in May 2016 she moved up to 2nd place and won a spot opening for Door County darling Katie Dahl.


She has successfully crafted two European songwriting projects: the Paris Project (2015) and the Budapest Project (2016). The combined output of both projects is slated to become a new album ("Travelogue") in spring 2018.

Her latest release, Life Goes On After All, came about in the dark of night. Mixed and mastered by Steve Hamilton (Makin' Sausage Music, Milwaukee WI), the album features a combination of live and MIDI instruments, resulting in new and exciting sounds not often heard from this acoustic folksinger. 

Carley’s true power lies in her live performances, where she's been described as 'captivating' and 'charismatic', with one attendee proclaiming, 'It's impossible to walk away from one of her performances without a smile on your face.'  Because of this, she has become a fixture in places like Marshfield, WI, where the Vox Concert Series works to bring fresh new music to the region, and Sturgeon Bay, WI, where the Holiday Music Motel continues to revitalize southern Door County culture by hosting songwriting events three times a year.